Sunday, February 17, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Hello friends. As you can see, I've already fallen behind in my regular posting schedule, but I'm back with some updates!

So, Thursday was Valentines Day, and Thomas and I celebrated our first as a married couple by going for brunch at Yolk, and checking out this sweet new non-profit bookstore in our area that supports literacy programs.  We had a lovely day, and I was glad to share it with my best friend.

Because Valentines Day has been turned into something pink and fluffy aimed towards girls, I thought I'd man-up Tom's gift with some DIY wrapping paper.

I carved an eraser into a mustache stamp, and transformed some classy floral paper into wrapping paper fit for a gentleman:

"Valentine Fit for a Gentleman" was actually my theme for the gift, and I substituted the usual chocolates for beef jerky and Altoids, and other manly things. 

I made the card using some awesome free fonts featured on this cute little blog, and played around with my watercolor pencils. 

Thomas did the whole shebang with flowers, chocolate, and a beautiful day together. I hope you all enjoyed Valentines Day (or the 50% off valentines chocolate the day afterward).

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