Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Very Vera Shower

One of my beautiful friends is getting married soon, and her soon-to-be sister hosted a shower for her last week. It was my honor to be in charge of the theme/decorations. As she is a lover of all things Vera Bradley, we went with a Tutti Frutti theme, which is a beautiful pattern of pinks and mint. We had "He put a ring on it" ring pop favors, lips and mustaches for a game of "He said She said," and an entryway chalkboard sign. Check out the details below!


  1. Beautiful shower at a beautiful home given by beautiful ladies for a very beautiful bride to be!

    1. Thank Carol! I agree, an all around beautiful day. =]

  2. Amazing! The decoration is so beautiful and the bride to be is so lucky to have such people around her. Hats off to the arrangement. I am planning a similar kind of bridal shower for my sister next month at one of the most beautiful New York venues and I have my fingers crossed. Hope she likes it.