Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY $5 Dessert Stand

Hi there! Welcome to the first edition of $5 DIY!
And by "edition", I mean, this project only costs $5, and maybe I'll post more $5 projects at some point. ;]

My most recent project was this easy-peasy three tiered dessert stand:

Supplies for this project are:
Two glass candle sticks (I found mine at the Dollar Tree)
Three glass plates of different sizes ($.99 each at thrift store)
Glass glue (I used E6000 because I already had it from prior crafts)

Make sure you clean your plates and candle sticks well before you start because 1. whatever is on there will be on there forever once they're glued and 2. dust/dirt affects adhesion.

I started by spreading the glue with a toothpick on both the plate and the edge of the candlestick, and gluing the two candle sticks to the tops of of two bigger plates.

I initially tried using a compass and paper and tracing and finding centers and such... but then I just decided to eyeball it. =]

Glue them wide side up so that you have more usable surface area on your stand.

Let dry fully. (Dry time varies by glue.)

Glue them in succession of largest to smallest, allow to dry again, and then serve dessert on your beautiful new tiered dessert stand!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Whovian Celebration

Here's one for my Whovian friends! You already know that one month ago today was a special day... the Day of the Doctor! For my non-Whovian friends, an epic 50th anniversary episode of Dr. Who aired.

My contribution to the celebration was a dozen Dalek cupcakes, made by printing some excellent (and free!) cupcake wrappers found here. Some of our other festive snacks were bowties (are cool) pasta salad and fish fingers and custard. Of course. 

So, without further delay, here they areOr should I say, "Allons-y!"