Monday, April 29, 2013

Photo Frame Memo Board

Here's a quick post about a recent project. One of our friends/neighbors uses a picture frame as a weekly calendar. I loved the dry erase idea, and happened to have an unused collage frame (kinda like this one) laying around. I put a picture in one of the frames, and scrap-booking paper in the others. Now it's our memo board/ notepad, and occasionally we try out new dry erase hairdos and facial hair on the pictures. ;]

Monday, April 22, 2013


Well I was reminded last night that I was overdue for a blog post, and I've been meaning to write one, but waiting for the right place, emotionally and physically. So now, I'm coming to you from a place of retrospection, and from a little coffee shop in downtown Portland.

I don't have anything profound to say, but maybe God will still speak something profound into your life through what He's been doing in mine. 

One week ago, on last Monday night, my aunt Rosann passed away peacefully after a long battle with cancer. She had been in a lot of pain for several months prior, and we are thankful that she is no longer suffering.

On Tuesday night, the students of the school where she was principal held a candlelight vigil in her honor.

photo copyright Miami Herald

All you have to do is google Dr Rosann Sidener to see the incredible impact she had on so many lives. Here's an article detailing just a small portion of her accomplishments. She lives on here through the changes she brought to Miami and to so many lives.

But she lives on in a way that is so much more than that. Because of her trust in Jesus as her Savior, death has no hold over her, nor over anyone who trusts their life to Him. Our family can find comfort in the fact that the next time we see her, she will not be in pain, but in the joy of spending eternity in the presence of God.  

Death is a weird subject that makes a lot of people feel awkward. It's hard to respond to. Yes, it's hard for the loved ones left behind, and there is still grief in loss. But there is joy in the death of Christ that put our death in His grave. Here's a song with some great lyrics about what Jesus did through the cross. 

I highly encourage you to watch that and think about it. 

I've also, once again, been able to see God's timing clearly through hindsight, and once again His providence. Maybe in my next post I will detail those things. 

Thanks once again for reading, and for being in my life. I appreciate you. =]

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Showers

Well it's April. But no, it's not raining. In fact, it's cold enough for snow. Fortunately it's not snowing either. Anyway, like I said from the beginning, I'm not the greatest at this consistent blogging thing. But I do have a bit of an update.

I've been working as an office administrator for the past few weeks, and starting next week, they've asked me to go full time. That means I'm going from three days a week to four, but the ultimate goal is for me to move to five as the current administrator phases out. It's a good job, but has its stressful days. It's fast paced, and there's a total of five other people in the office, so one person's bad mood can really affect the atmosphere. I'm enjoying getting to know the others in the office, and surprisingly, I even enjoy my bus/train/another bus ride there.

Tom is in the midst of midterms right now, so he's next to me with books all spread out, studying away. He's also applied for a security job on campus. We've decided to stay in Chicago for the summer, so hopefully he can find a job to fund some summer courses. As an international student, he's only allowed to work on campus, but hopefully with the amount of students going home for the summer, some positions will open up.

As of today, I am the excited holder of a plane ticket to Portland! (And back, of course.) I had a trip that got canceled last year, so this flight credit has been waiting to be used. So, in two weeks, I am Portland bound to see my friend Karena. Portland is one of my most favorite places, and is up there on my "live here someday" list. Karena is pretty rad too. =] Unfortunately, Tom won't be able to join me on this trip, but after hearing me talk up the place so much, he's eager to visit sometime too.

That's all I have for now. I'm off to enjoy an Americano at Eva's, our favorite little coffee place in Chicago.