Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas is Coming: Font Roundup!

There are several things that make me feel excited enough to use all caps.
CHRISTMAS TIME is one of them. TYPOGRAPHY is another.
Therefore, FREE CHRISTMAS FONTS make me really excited!!
 I've rounded up some of my favorite new fonts for your downloading pleasure, should you feel so inclined.
(Remember, click the grey Download button on the righthand side of the font preview. other "download" links are ads!)


  1. Is there any way to add font styles to Microsoft Word?

    1. Hi there! It varies by operating system and such, but this should work for you:

      Download the .zip folder and extract all of the files inside. Right click on the font (the .tff file) and click install. Then when you open Microsoft Word, the font should be in your menu!

      I hope this works for you! =]